About Gullveig Press

Gullveig Press is committed to providing Pagans in prison with spiritual and psychological support. Incarcerated individuals and Pagan Prison Ministries tell us what is needed and we work from there. Pagans in prison answer our questions about what is available in different facilities, so our books are relevant to our audience. We study programs that are helping people survive prison and include what works in our publications.

Our newsletter style resources are printed with very small margins and tight line spacing with very little white space so we can fit the most information on the fewest sheets of paper. Contact us for FREE Word documents that you can print for your incarcerated pen pal. Currently we have:

* 18 page Pagan festival calendar including Yoruban, Germanic and Roman weeks; lunar calendar of Athens; festivals from the multicultural Roman Empire, Celts, Norse, Anglo-Saxons, Haitian and New Orleans Vodou, Nigerian and Brazilian Orisha Religions, Baltic peoples and Athens. Dates of the new and full moon are included, along with Mercury Retrograde.

* We’ve organized the free handouts from Fair Shake on job hunting with parts of the free online book Jobs for Felons and the website HELP FOR FELONS’s information on companies that hire felons, creating a thorough guide to finding employment.

* We have put together information from the website 1 in 6 about men healing from sexual assault at any age by any gender. 1 in 6 will send prisoners a FREE book on trauma recovery.

* Using different state’s Reentry guides, the free handouts at Fair Shake and information from books on reentry, we have information on getting identification, free clothing and other immediate needs covered.

* We have a short how-to guide to writing a letter to the Parole Board supporting a prisoner’s release.

* We have free downloads on meditation from other organizations.

* We have the 2 page Wiccan newsletters written for prisoners by Lady Crowmoon for several Sabbats.

* As Texas has the most prisons, we have a Prisoner Resource Guide especially for Texas.

* Again because Texas had the most prisons, we have downloaded Reentry information about halfway houses and other resources.

Remember that these are free for you to order as Word document attachments sent by email. Unfortunately we are unable to afford sending this information to prisoners. We did the online legwork; now someone needs to print and mail this information to prisoners.

Not only are we publishers, we connect people to resources for incarcerated Pagans – including books not published by us. We serve as a general clearinghouse for Pagan Prisoners resources in collaboration, not competition, with other Pagan organizations.

Our goals include educating readers with accurate information about different Pagan traditions, meaningful ways to practice their religion within the confines of prison, encouraging healthy change, offering an alternative to white supremacist groups, and preventing psychological and physical harm.

We achieve our goals by publishing high quality books and newsletters specifically for Pagans in prison. The books are sold to people in prison and certain other institutional living facilities, Pagan Prison Ministries, and prisoner support organizations for the cost of manufacturing plus shipping. No profit is made from sales to these people. Profits from copies sold to people “on the outside” all go towards buying books for “free books to prisoners” organizations, prison libraries and other avenues to make sure that incarcerated Pagans actually have access to our work. We network with others engaged in prisoner support so books written for incarcerated Pagans actually get to the audience for whom they’re written.

We do this work because 1% of Americans are incarcerated, more than any other nation.  Within American prisons, 8-12% of people say they are members of a Pagan religion. This means an astounding 1 out of 1000 Americans are incarcerated Pagans, and yet there is a discouraging lack of resources for them. Unlike other religions, Paganism has very few volunteers working with other members of their faith in prison. In some states Pagans cannot worship together unless outside clergy visits, so they are forced into solitary practices and lose the benefits that studying with a community can bring. Gullveig Press seeks to help fill this void that leaves incarcerated Pagans vulnerable to fascist organizations, “gimme gimme” narcissistic pop culture “Paganism” and other harmful influences that are not religion.

The majority of people in American prisons are there for drug-related charges. In most Western European nations or Canada, people charged with the same crimes would spend 6 months in jail or be put on probation. Who is imprisoned is a political decision and in the U.S. that decision is still often made by the failed War on Drugs. We believe that  healthy communities, counseling, education and Restorative Justice are more effective ways to heal the damages caused by addiction in our society than warehousing human beings.

Pagans in prison are asking for support. Gullveig Press is responding.