Blanca María Prósper: Scholars to Follow

Blanca María Prósper at the University of Salamanca is frankly on fire when it comes to continental Celts and general Indo-European studies especially in Iberia. Check out her work at (If you read Spanish or German, you can read the papers I can’t. Let me know the highlights, please!)

2 thoughts on “Blanca María Prósper: Scholars to Follow”

  1. […] Blanca-Maria Prosper, who has been breathing life into the ancient Celtic world of Iberia, has brought us another once-lost deity: Erudinus. Known from the federation of Celtic tribes known as the Cantabri who lived in northwest Spain, ERVDINO was inscribed once, dating to 161 CE. The interesting clue about the inscription is that it has the date when written: July 23/July 24.  […]

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